Agafay Day Trip

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Morocco Explore Tours; Day Trip From Marrakech to Agafay Desert:

Trip overview

The Agafay Desert day excursion is the ideal option if you just have one day to spend experiencing the desert landscapes and way of life in Morocco.

Once at your accommodation, pick up your driver/guide and head southeast past fields growing oranges, olives, and peaches until you arrive at the moon-like parched hills of the Agafay Desert.

You will drive off the beaten path across from here. The Agafay desert’s rough landscape and craggy dunes encircle you as you continue. Go over oases, canyons, and dry rivers. As you pass Berber communities, observe herds of sheep moving through the area.

Prepare for an hour-long camel ride after enjoying a cup of mint tea, and then enjoy a mouthwatering Moroccan Tagine lunch served beneath a nomadic tent. Later in the afternoon, you travel to the opposite end of the Agafay desert, reaching Lalla Takerkoust Lake. This lake provides drinking water to Marrakech by acting as a water reservoir. The beauty of the High Atlas Mountains, which are covered in snow for the majority of the year, will be visible in the distance.

We return to Marrakech late in the afternoon, and we leave you off at your hotel to wrap up your Agafay day excursion.

Activities to do in Agafay

  1. Camel Riding: Embark on a traditional camel trek across the stunning landscape of Agafay. This is a quintessential desert experience, allowing you to enjoy the scenery and feel like a nomad.
  2. Quad Biking: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, quad biking through the rugged terrain of Agafay is an exhilarating activity. It’s a great way to explore the vast desert quickly and have some fun along the way.
  3. Desert Picnics: Enjoy a picturesque picnic in the middle of the desert. Many tour operators offer luxury picnic setups with Moroccan delicacies, providing a perfect setting for a relaxing and scenic meal.
  4. Stargazing: The clear, unpolluted skies of Agafay make it an excellent spot for stargazing. Many camps offer telescopes and guided stargazing sessions, where you can learn about the stars and constellations visible in the desert sky.
  5. Overnight Desert Camp: Experience the magic of the desert by spending a night in a luxury desert camp. Enjoy traditional Moroccan hospitality, complete with campfires, local music, and delicious cuisine under the stars.
  6. Horse Riding: Explore the desert on horseback for a peaceful and immersive experience. Horseback riding tours are available for all skill levels and offer a unique perspective of the desert landscape.
  7. Yoga and Wellness Retreats: Agafay is an ideal place for yoga and wellness retreats. The serene environment provides a perfect backdrop for relaxation, meditation, and yoga sessions.
  8. Hiking and Trekking: The rocky terrain and scenic views make Agafay a great destination for hiking and trekking. Guided hikes can take you through various parts of the desert, offering different perspectives and photo opportunities.
  9. Hot Air Ballooning: For a truly breathtaking experience, consider a hot air balloon ride over Agafay. This activity offers panoramic views of the desert and the distant Atlas Mountains, especially beautiful at sunrise.
  10. Sandboarding: Although Agafay is a rocky desert, some areas offer sand dunes suitable for sandboarding. It’s a fun and adventurous activity for those looking to try something new.
  11. Spa Treatments: Many luxury desert camps offer spa services where you can indulge in traditional Moroccan treatments such as hammams and massages, perfect for unwinding after a day of activities.