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Morocco Explore Tours

Morocco Explore Tours

Morocco Explore Tours

Morocco Explore Tours


About Morocco Explore Tours

Morocco Explore Tours is a travel agency, committed to arranging trips around Morocco, an exceptionally prepared and expert group framed our agency with 10 years of experience, with local guides that have incredible information and knowledge about Morocco culture and traditions.
For those explorers who prefer freedom, we organize customized tours for small groups of people to explore at their pleasure. Yet with the affirmation that they feel some portion of a culture and a nation loaded with contrasts…Read more.

Explore Morocco with “Morocco Explore Tours”!

Our agency offers to its customers the opportunity to have nice and comfortable tours that explore the diverse landscapes of Morocco; tours that they can customize as you wish.

Morocco is one of most fun countries to explore; the richness of this ancient kingdom and its nice weather makes it a perfect holiday stop throughout the year. The diversity of Morocco is not only manifested in all the extreme differences in its geography, but it’s also very apparent in the culture of the country. As history shows, Different civilizations have inhabited in Morocco. Starting when the Phoenicians lived there, or even before that when hunter-gatherer societies only inhabited it, to the Berbers and Romans, then the Arabs and Muslims, to the Europeans, Morocco has accumulated a rich culture, which can’t be found somewhere else.

Touring Morocco to explore its natural and cultural diversity has become a rite of passage to many passionate travellers from all over the world, which is something that owes a great deal of gratitude to good quality of the touristic services, such as the great hotels of the imperial cities, the fancy desert camps, the nice restaurants, the comfortable transportation and so on.

Morocco Explore Tours; Popular Tours

Morocco Tour we Offer

The tours we have start from imperial cities such as Fez or Marrakech. Other tours start from Casablanca and tangier. These multiple day tours can extend from 2 to 15 days, in which the tourists get to explore the places that are programmed in the schedule. These main interesting places that these tours visit are usually either historical sites or natural landscapes; there are even some spots, which combine both.


Explore Morocco Sahara Desert

The Morocco Sahara Desert is without a doubt one of the main highlights of Morocco. The tours usually spend at least 1 or 2 days exploring all the activities and places in this wonderland. One of the best activities is spending the night in the open desert of Erg Chebbi Dunes. The visitors ride camels from Merzouga the village, where there are nice hotels and restaurant towards the camp, where they will spend the night enjoying local cuisine and music, while also stargazing or even meditating.

You can’t visit the desert without also visiting the many valleys and gorges in the area. There are some amazing natural landscapes in the area that need to be explored. Not to mention the Hollywood of Morocco; Ouarzazate and Ait ben Haddou are among the best filming spots in the world. You can see these places in Game of Thrones and movies like Gladiator and the Kingdom of Heaven.

camel trekking

Morocco Explore Tours; Day Trips

Why Morocco deserves to be toured?

Morocco is a land of diversity that deserves to be visited at least for once. It’s relatively not a very big country, however, it’s very packed with novelty. Touring Morocco is a rich experience. It’s a country in which you can travel from the mountains and snow to the desert, after that to a big city, and then a coastal city in a single day!

Explore the big cities and the imperial cities of Morocco



The Red City is ranked among the best tourist attractions in the world; in fact, back in 2019, it was ranked the 9th in the globe. The city has a nice mix of tradition and modernity, which makes it a perfect holiday stop.

many historical sites stands out in Marrakech, which take the traveller on a journey to explore the rich history of Morocco and the Western World. The traditional, exotic ambience of Marrakech has captured many artists and writers, who got inspiration from it. Not to mention the vibrant lifestyle of modern Marrakech, this city has the most amazing hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs…in the country. These and many other aspects like the sunny weather plus the proximity to the High Atlas Mountains, the desert and the ocean are all combined to make Marrakech one of the best touristic cities in the world.


Agadir is one of the sunniest places on earth with 300 days of sun in the year. The nice weather, the fancy hotels and the amazing beaches all contribute to making Agadir one of the nicest places that you can visit while you explore Morocco.


Visiting Fez and the region near the city, including Meknes is a great opportunity to explore the true richness of Moroccan history.

Fez was the first capital of the Moroccan kingdom, with the dawns of the Islamic era. The Sultan Moulay Idriss founded the city during the 7th, who was a descendant of the Prophet Mohammed. A guided tour in Fez is usually about exploring the medieval buildings in the Medina, such as the Al Qarawiyin University, which a very significant historical site that marks the dawns of academia in the world. Visiting Fez is also a great opportunity to learn about Moroccan culture, a good starting point would be the alleys of the Medina and the Mellah; there you can find the bazaars, the traditional restaurants and the Riads.

Meknes and Volubilis

Less than 60 kilometres near Fez, Meknes is situated, which is another historical city; its huge wall marked that, giant palace and many other grand-scale historical sites. One of the most notorious kings founded the city, who ruled Morocco. The Sultan Moulay Ismail wanted to stand out in the world during his era; that’s why he built Meknes, which was a very powerful capital.

Volubilis is another historical site near Fez, which is an old Roman city. The UNESCO enlist Volubilis as a world heritage site; it’s indeed one of the most interesting spots, which a history fan can appreciate.

Casablanca and Rabat

Although, many tourists land on the international airport of Casablanca only a few of them stay to explore the city, which is a shame, given that this amazing city is the pumping heart of Morocco. Casablanca is a city where you can get a good look at the Moroccan culture at its utmost diverse form. More than that, it’s also a city that has a wonderful architecture, which combines the standards of modernity and the beauty of the Moroccan architectural style.

Rabat is also underrated among the tourists, although, it’s the capital city. Rabat is a rich city in terms of history, as you can see in its historical sites. You can also notice the huge European influence in the city.

Tangier and Chefchaouen

Tangier is definitely a city that can’t be missed. The Moroccans call it “the Bride of the North” because it’s a very beautiful city. The city has a long history that began from the 8th century BCE, a wonderful mixed culture, nice weather and amazing beaches; making Tangier a wholesome place to explore.

Another city that keeps attracting visitors is Chefchaouen, or as they call it: The Blue City. Chefchaouen is a nice, comfortable city that is all painted in blue, which gives it a unique ambience, perfect for photos.

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